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CMDBID: 59313 | Course Code: QAMSPOWSH | Duration: 5 Days
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This specially tailored five day course combines the the two Microsoft courses M10962 'Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell' and M55020 'PowerShell 5.0 and Desired State Configuration'. The first three days of this course, expands and builds upon the knowledge already acquired in course M10961 'Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell2 and focuses on building more scalable and usable Windows PowerShell scripts for use in your organization by building your own Windows PowerShell tools. Learn about areas such as the creation of advanced functions, script modules, advanced parameters attributes and controller scripts. Also learn how to make your scripts more robust by learning about handling script errors and the analysis and debugging Windows PowerShell scripts. The course will also cover the use of Windows PowerShell cmdlets with .NET Framework as well as teaching how to configure your Windows Servers using Desired State Configuration and providing an understanding of Windows PowerShell workflow.

The last two days of this course, based on M55020 'PowerShell 5.0 and Desired State Configuration' designed to get you up and running with Desired State Configuration (DSC). PowerShell DSC was introduced in version 4 and has been greatly expanded and enhanced in version 5. DSC goes hand-in-glove with implementation of DevOps the revolutionary methodology to join the development and operations teams. Now you can “declare” your desired environment and the DSC structure will “make it so” and keep it so!

These two courses may also be taken seperately by attending M10962 'Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell' and M55020 'PowerShell 5.0 and Desired State Configuration'.

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ONSITE, United States
5 Days

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