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CMDBID: 37336 | Course Code: SQL | Duration: 4 Days
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This is a comprehensive, intensive course with plenty of illustrated examples and augmented with practical hands-on exercises.

Please note that the optional modules detailed in the course content below are not delivered as part of the standard course, due to time constraints. However, as this course is fully modularised, when delivered as an on-site course, optional modules can be included on request.

Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Use SQL Server Management Studio
  • Understand the Syntax of Transact-SQL
  • Retrieve, Filter and Sort Data
  • Query Data from Multiple Tables by Using Joins
  • Summarize and Rank Grouped Data
  • Combine and Limit Result Sets
  • Work with Subqueries
  • Understand Query Performance Issues
  • Use Crosstab Queries
  • Use Common Table Expressions
  • Modify Data with INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE
  • Understand and Implement Transactions
  • Understand SQL Server Locks
  • Work with the SQL Server Date and Time Data Types
  • Query and Work with XML Data in SQL Server
  • Create and Manage Views
  • Create and Manage Stored Procedures
  • Handle Errors in Transact-SQL Code
  • Create and Manage User Defined Functions
  • Create and Manage Triggers
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Start Date
Bath, United Kingdom
4 Days
10th May 2021
Bath, United Kingdom
4 Days
13th Sep 2021
Bath, United Kingdom
4 Days
15th Nov 2021
ONSITE, United States
4 Days

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